Sharp Corp. has brought a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. in the United States for infringing on Sharp's existing patents for LCD related technologies.

Samsung has apparently said it is considering counter-suing Sharp, so there's possibly not a quick resolution to this latest scuffle in the electronics world.

The case was filed to the Texas Eastern District Court in the United States and reports suggest that Sharp has requested a trial by jury.

Sharp is demanding compensation for the loss caused by the patent violations and wants a ban on the import and sale of an LCD module manufactured by Samsung and subsequent LCD TVs, LCD monitors and mobile phones that contain the controversial module.

Apparently the two sides have been in discussions trying to work through this issue but Sharp has now decided court is the way forward, and "judged that it is difficult to settle the issue through dialogue."

A list of the patents that Sharp says Samsung have violated is below.

US Serial No. 4649383: A technology to drive LCDs to realize image display with a high contrast ratio

US Serial No. 5760855: An LCD with wiring connected to the common electrode to prevent static electrical charge

US Serial No. 6052162: An LCD with an electrode configuration that improves the light use efficiency of picture elements

US Serial No. 7027024: A driving device of LCD that improves display quality

US Serial No. 7057689: An LCD with an optical film that realizes wide viewing angle by phase compensation