Samsung is reportedly considering bringing out a dual-format Blu-ray and High Definition optical drive.

Samsung, one of the pioneers of Blu-ray technology, understands that consumers wants the option of playing both.

"We don't have a plan to make an HD-DVD-only player but are considering a universal player", a spokesperson said, according to DigitalWorld Tokyo.

"We are preparing HD-DVD now and if we launch a universal player it will be the end of this year or early next year."

Samsung isn't the first to mention that they are considering the release of dual-format players. There is little benefit to the manufacturers or consumers in starting a war of the formats.

LG has also revealed plans to make dual drive players.

The spokesperson who leaked the news of the future dual-format player may not be very popular at Samsung at the moment, in light of the fact that Samsung's Blu-ray player is set to go on sale 25 June in the US for around $1000.