A Samsung spokesperson has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the release of its Blu-ray player has now been pushed back until September.

Recent reports have suggested that Samsung's player was scheduled to come out on time later this month.

As we reported yesterday, Sony and Pioneer have pushed back the release dates of their much-anticipated Blu-Ray players.

Sony's BDP-S1 has an estimated ship date of 15 August, with an expected price tag of $1000.

This means that it is scheduled to launch almost 4 months later than expected.

Pioneer's player will emerge after Sony's, in September, and now has an estimated price of $1500, which is $300 less than originally announced.

News of the delay has been greeted by speculation that the development of the format is not quite going to plan in the build-up to Sony's PS3.

The company announced that the PS3 would support Blu-ray in August 2004.

It's widely recognised that the adoption of DVD technology in the PS2 kick-started the spread of that format, so it's hoped that Sony can do the same for Blu-ray, which is the rival format to HD-DVD.