Fans hoping to get their hands on Sony's new high definition Blu-ray disc format will have to wait yet another month it seems.

Samsung has announced that it will be delaying the American launch of its next-generation DVD player for a month, to late June, in order to complete testing according to a report by Reuters in Seoul.

The company said it was rescheduling the launch of its Blu-ray standard disc player in the United States to June 25 from May 23.

"We still anticipate that the Samsung BD-P1000 will be the first Blu-Ray player to launch at a national level in the United Sates", Samsung said in a statement.

Toshiba is likely to welcome the news as it desperately tries to build momentum with its competing format HD-DVD before the Blu-ray players start to become available.

It launched its first HD-DVD player last week in Japan. The new player, called the HD-XA1 is the first player to support Toshiba's HD-DVD format and will play any pre-recorded HD-DVD.