Samsung has used CeBIT in Hannover Germany to launch a host of new LCD TVs.

The new televisions update its current range of Xbox360 backed models with a new glossy design and hidden speaker system.

“Previously, price and picture quality were important criteria in selecting television sets”, said Sang-heung Shin, Senior Vice President of the Visual Display Division at Samsung. “Customers now demand products that can sit as the centerpiece in a home environment, indicating that beautiful design has become a decisive factor for buyers.”

The front surface of the TV is now perfectly clean, as all control buttons have been moved to the sides. In addition, the world's first hidden bar type speakers are invisibly situated in the lower front area.

However the Samsung's headlining product was the announcement of an 82-inch LCD TV for those with big living rooms.

The 82-inch LCD TV with LED enlarges the colour reproduction area by more than 33% compared to conventional LCD TVs, while Dynamic Contrast technology allows for a high contrast ratio of 7000:1.