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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has had a relatively low-key CES 2022, but it's still announced a few interesting tidbits, and The Freestyle certainly counts as one of those - a mini-projector that Samsung says is ideal for those who want a device that offers loads of different functions.

It's a projector first and foremost, but there's also smart speaker capabilities and lighting options. It weighs 830 grams so should be nice and portable, although it does require a power cable to work (although you could opt to plug into a battery pack), and with a 180-degree rotation cradle, you should be able to pop it down and aim it at most surfaces for a display.

It can create a display of up to 100 inches in size, and as small as 30 inches if preferred. That picture is full HD, so 1080p rather than 4K, although at $899 on pre-order we'd probably hope for a higher resolution.

Still, the aim here is clearly flexibility, to the point where Samsung even offers a socket adapter to let you plug the whole shebag into a light socket for power - so you could theoretically install it on a ceiling that way, so long as your socket can bear its weight safely.

The Freestyle will work with either Samsung's Bixby or, more preferably, Amazon Alexa, to let you use smart home and assistant controls, while there's also a cover that can clip onto the front of the projector to both protect it and let you use The Freestyle for lighting.

The projector is available to pre-order now, along with various accessories including a case, and a battery base that lets you really use The Freestyle wherever you want without needing a power cable.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
  • Source: Samsung Electronics Launches The Freestyle, a Portable Screen for Entertainment Wherever You Are - news.samsung.com
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