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(Pocket-lint) - Health is becoming a bitterly contested area for consumer tech, and TVs are no exception. Samsung's taking another step toward the frontline with the announcement of smart features debuting on its newest TVs, and coming to a few older models, too.

The expansion of its Health app will let users connect webcams to their TVs to enable more in-depth workout tracking as they follow along with videos, including rep counting and form adjustment. This new feature is called Smart Trainer, and will be partly reliant on how decent the camera you connect is - in fact, we wouldn't be surprised if Samsung later clarifies types of camera that will or won't work.

The service is debuting on the new 2021 Neo QLED 8K and 4K models, but should also work on the older Q70A and up, covering a few high-end TVs from last year's lineup, in case you already invested.

With the camera being used to let the TV track your reps in real-time, and advise if it thinks your form isn't quite right, it basically turns your TV into an all-in-one workout solution, so it could well find favour among those who've got the right TV. It also makes it a bit of a competitor to Apple's new Fitness+ service, with its Apple Watch-centric model, alongside the countless other fitness platforms you can stream through your TV. 

There will apparently be around 24 working videos to choose from when the platform launches, according to Samsung, taking in partnerships with names in the fitness world such as Jillian Michaels, Obe Fitness and barre3. 

Whether it can make a dent on the market will have to be seen, and will depend at least partly on how reliably the system can give advice and track your activity, but time will tell soon enough. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 6 January 2021.