(Pocket-lint) - When Samsung first introduced its 8K TV range - now headlined by the Q950TS model - to own one would require eye-watering sums of money. Now the Q700T represents the company's first steps to open the 8K floodgates at a lower price point.

Well, not that the Q700T is cheap by any means. The 55-inch model starts at £1,999, rising to £2,699 for the 65-inch version. The aforementioned Q950TS is more than double the price of the latter, to put that in perspective.


So why would you want an 8K TV? Resolution, but of course, with the 7,680 x 4,320 pixels - that's more than 33 million in total, so four times greater than the current 4K standard - creating levels of detail that you won't see anywhere else. And with Samsung's QLED 8K technology you're promised searing brightness and vivid colours.

Elsewhere the Q700T offers Samsung's Object Tracking Sound+, which adapts sound for a more immersive 3D experience.

There are catches of course: almost nothing is shot in 8K; and there's an argument that you'd have to sit so close to an 8K panel to discern resolution. But Samsung's 8K panels upscale content, thus with a good source a 4K Blu-ray will look even sharper on a TV such as the Q700T. 

However, with 4K only recently becoming the norm for many, and other manufacturers focusing on HDR (high dynamic range) and other technologies, we suspect it will be a little longer before 8K becomes truly mainstream.

Update: this story originally claimed that Gaming Enhancer+ was a feature when, upon clarification and an updated press release from Samsung UK, it is confirmed to not be present in the Q700T.

Writing by Mike Lowe.