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(Pocket-lint) - We first heard that Google was adding support for HDR10+ playback to Google Play's movie and TV selection back at the turn of the year, but it's taken a little while for the feature to roll out.

It's complicated in obvious ways by the question of whether the hardware you're planning to use even supports the picture standard in the first place. 

Now, though, another step's been taken toward full availablility - Samsung's announced that the feature is coming to its compatible TVs, meaning that everyone who has a Samsung TV that supports HDR10+ should be able to watch using the feature through Google Play. 

It says that the service is coming live in 117 countries around the world, and that it hopes this'll kickstart another phase of growth when it comes to adoption of HDR10+, which given Samsung's high level of involvement in the video standard, is an understandable aim. 

Whether that comes true or not, those with relevant Samsung TVs should see the change applied without needing to do anything - certain more recently-made movies on the Google Play store will simply disclose that they'll work in HDR 10+. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.