(Pocket-lint) - We're right in the middle of our month-long focus on sustainability, which means that we're keeping a special eye out for when tech companies use their packaging more savvily than the average. 

Samsung's doing just that, it would seem, with an announcement that's come straight out of left field - some of its TV packaging, cardboard boxes in particular, will now come with corrugated patterns etched into it, to help customers reuse the materials.

In fact, Samsung's going to be throwing in instructions for how to turn the boxes into a range of constructions, including most eye-catchingly a cat-house that makes a more official dwelling than the open box they would absolutely get into regardless. 

Another option, pictured below, is a sort of organisational stand that's ideal for magazines and newspapers. It has to be said, these actually look genuinely usable, and could be a prescient look at how people need to start adapting their households to stop throwing so much of this material away upon delivery.


The TVs that will be getting the so-called eco-packaging are Samsung's most interestingly named - The Serif and The Sero. That suggests that it potentially thinks there might be an overlap between those buying TVs designed to blend more seamlessly into your home and those likely to to value this sort ecological sensitivity. 

The real kicker will come if people get creative and customise the designs to be a little less obviously Samsung's packaging. Paint springs to mind, for one. Still, this seems like a nice development, and it would be great to see Samsung rolling it out more widely, with time, and indeed other manufacturers taking lessons from it. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.