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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung will take a step forward in TV design at CES 2020 showcasing a bezel-free TV. Production will apparently begin in February.

The change is apparently coming for sets sized at 65 inches or larger, and involves a closer weld between the body of the TV and its display to limit the bezel to practically nothing. 

Samsung has been indicating for some time that it wanted to shrink bezels away on its TVs, and trademarked a new Zero Bezel brand line earlier this year, as noted by Engadget. 

That said, though The Elec has confirmed that the technology is going ahead with sources at Samsung, there's been no official word at this point, and CES is right around the corner. We wouldn't call this a guarantee that the TVs will be at the show. 

Samsung is starting to build up interest in its press event at CES, as you can see by the below Tweet, although the video, if anything, has a conspicuous white border that you could almost call a bezel. 

Between the fact that it's only viable at this stage for Samsung's larger TVs, and the reality that it's new technology that Samsung's only just finalising, you can expect that when the bezel-free TVs are unveiled they won't come cheap. They'll likely be flagship products, with prices to match. 

Indeed, the reality of zero-bezel TVs for mass-market audiences is probably quite some time away at this stage. Still, we'll be waiting with baited breath to see if Samsung takes the wraps off the first wave at CES.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 31 December 2019.