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(Pocket-lint) - Fancy a mammoth-sized telly? Well, Samsung's 2019 QLED range more than has you covered, with models available from 43- to 82-inch in its 4K Ultra-HD range, or 65- to 98-inch in its 8K range (shall we call that Ultra-Ultra-HD?).

For 4K the top-end model is the Q90R, while for 8K it's all about the Q950R (an update on 2018's Q900 - which we thought was a mighty impressive panel).

Year on year the Korean company releases a new hook for its TV line-up - notably it omits OLED panels, with MicroLED forthcoming in the future - to bolster its QLED range's prowess (if you want to know more about the Quantum Dot LED tech, read our feature here).

For 2019 it's all about Ultra Viewing Angle technology, enabling better contrast and colour from a broader range of viewing angles. So you don't have to sit square-on to the TV in front to get the very best picture.

But the 2019 range has also taken an idea and run with it: physical size. As the market's hunger for bigger tellies increases, Samsung is offering QLED panels at considerable scale. A couple of years ago few would buy a 75-inch or 82-inch TV, but now you can. Should you want a more modest set, however, then Samsung is now offering its QLED panels at smaller sizes, too, meaning the best quality for all, whatever your want.

Elsewhere the range offers Bixby voice commands and search. But it's not all Samsung tech: on board you'll find Apple's iTunes Movies & TV Shows app, AirPlay 2 compatibility, plus Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support.

The Samsung 2019 QLED TV range - which includes Q90R, Q85R, Q80R, Q70R and Q60R - will go on sale in March 2019. Check out our feature comparing all the differences between each set, plus we'll be bringing a full review of the Q90R in the near future. Watch this space.

Writing by Mike Lowe.