Forget 8K QLED (although that's still great too), Samsung has debuted a 75-inch 4K version of its superb "The Wall" Micro LED display that we first saw this time last year. 

Micro LED offers "freedom of size, bezels, ratio and resolution" says Samsung - largely due to the scalability of Micro LED and the content that it can display.

To demonstrate this, Samsung is also showing off a screen that's 219-inches here at CES 2019 as well as modular panels that can make Micro LED screens of any size.

We knew last year that Micro LED was designed to be a modular tech - panels grouped around a main control panel - but Samsung is now happy to show this in more detail and says it could be designed to fill any size space. Here's the 219-inch screen in all its glory: 


The idea is that you can upsize content on different size Micro LED displays without compromising on picture quality. When you add more display modules, the display will scale and increase the resolution but keep the pixel density constant.

Here's a letterbox-style Micro LED display: 


The 219-inch display may be a pie-in-the-sky demo (for now!) but a 75-inch version - however expensive - could find its way into some homes in the relatively near future. Indeed, launch of the 75-inch screen is pegged for 2020. Here's an up-close shot of the 75-incher: 


Samsung says it has improved the Micro LED tech since last year by refining the manufacturing process of MicroLED panels to shrink the gap between the microscopic LEDs that make up these displays. 

Micro LED has particular strengths versus OLED (and Samsung's own QLED), notably its high peak brightness and ultra-low blacks.