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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has revealed the prices of the 65 and 75-inch versions of its 8K TV, the Samsung Q900R.

Being one of the first commercially available 8K televisions, it was unlikely to be cheap. Early adopters generally need big pockets to be at the forefront of new technologies, and 8K is no exception.

The Samsung 65Q900R will set you back £4,999. The 75-inch equivalent, the 75Q900R is priced at £6,999.

Both are available for pre-order from Samsung's own online store. You can order the 65-inch 8K TV here and the 75-inch version here.

The price of the 85-inch model is yet to be revealed as it is still, currently, unavailable in the UK.

You are really betting on the future of TV for the listed prices above. At present, 8K content is rare and no UK broadcaster has plans to adopt 8K any time soon.

Instead, you will be mostly viewing Ultra HD and, even, 1080p broadcasts upscaled to suit the Q900R's resolution (7,680 x 4,320). However, Samsung's sets use a proprietary Quantum Processor and 8K AI Upscaling to not only ensure the pixel count makes a difference, but images are cleaned up and enhanced. You should, therefore, see a picture quality benefit over a standard 4K TV.

All the processing and connectivity is provided in a separate media box, separated by a superthin, almost invisible cable to the display. And a "No-Gap" wall mount is included in the price.

You can also check out our first impressions of the Q900R when we saw it at IFA earlier this year: Samsung Q900R 8K QLED initial review.

Writing by Rik Henderson.