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(Pocket-lint) - After debuting its new MicroLED TV technology at CES 2018, Samsung could now be on the path to release the first commercial sets before the year is out. 

The revelation comes from the company's Q1 earnings report, which showed the company's TVs have declined in revenue year-on-year. However, Samsung released its 2018 lineup of TVs later this year, so expects revenue to increase in Q2 following sales of its new QLED screens. 

Within a section of the earnings report though, Samsung has laid out plans for the future, by saying "Expand premium lineups for products such as ultra-large-size QLED TVs (75” and up) and 8K TVs; solidify leadership in premium market by launching innovative products like MicroLED TVs."

It's therefore pretty clear that the South Korean tech giant will indeed launch MicroLED TVs later this year. As for what sizes and how much they'll cost remains unclear. Samsung brought with it the 146-inch 'The Wall' TV to CES 2018 to demonstrate the new picture tech, which it says outperforms OLED. 

MicroLED TVs are modular though, with screens being made up of smaller panels knitted together. The LEDs used in MicroLED TVs are sub-1mm in size, so we'd expect 55-inch screens to be entirely possible. 

Samsung will surely be hoping its new screens will help boost revenues. While its QLED sets are incredibly good, rival manufacturers, such as Sony and LG, are still championing OLED with good results. 

Writing by Max Langridge.