We were a underwhelmed by Samsung's press conference at this year's CES. The manufacturer usually comes out all guns blazing, unveiling an entire new range of TVs for the year ahead. While we were shown "The Wall", a 146-inch MicroLED prototype TV, regular LCD, or more specifically, QLED TVs were missing, instead waiting until March to see the light of day.

However there may actually have been some new products shown behind closed doors, according to a report from the Korea Herald.

It claims that Samsung did in fact have a new QLED TV to show to select media in a secret room at its CES 2018 stand and it's said the new TV had black levels to rival OLED TVs. If true, it's a huge step forward for QLED and LCD, as these TVs require a backlight to function. OLED TVs on the other hand don't need a backlight as each OLED emits its own light source, giving absolute black levels.

The report goes on to say that some people who visited the "Qlounge" as it has been called, said the new QLED technology was the most impressive thing Samsung has to show in the private area.

Samsung has already announced it will sell 8K QLED TVs later in 2018, along with "The Wall", but perhaps its more impressive announcements, or at least the ones that will be most relevant to the average consumer, will come in March. We'll hopefully see just how well Samsung's new QLED technology can compete against OLED when we see the new range in a couple of months.

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