Samsung surprised many at CES 2018 by not really announcing any new products. There was talk at the annual press conference about connectivity and a vision of a connected world, but aside from 14 new models of the Family Hub fridge, very little was said about new product. 

This is a huge break with tradition for Samsung, who typically uses CES to announce the latest must-have TVs and technologies for the year. Instead we were briefly shown the MicroLED prototype dubbed "The Wall" and teased about how you could set-up Samsung's 2018 TVs using your smartphone. 

What was missing from this equation was any detail about what these 2018 TVs might actually be - unless you're seriously considering investing in an 8K QLED later in the year.

Samsung has now confirmed to Pocket-lint that it's not going to be talking about its new line-up of televisions until March 2018, so if Samsung was on your radar for a new World Cup TV, you'll have to wait.

That gives Sony, Panasonic and LG a couple of months lead, with those big rivals announcing some of its models for the year.

Sony has padded out the full range, with a new flagship OLED TV, the A8F, backed up by a portfolio of LED TVs with the XF90 leading the charge. For Panasonic, the skills of 2017's excellent EZ1002 are dropping into the new OLED FZ950, with a boost to picture quality, while LG has a full range of OLEDs and nano cell LEDs too

For Samsung we're expecting an update to the excellent QLED TVs. The launch of the QLED name was slightly mired in 2017 as people confused the technology with OLED; however, the quantum dot TVs are great performers, not just in terms of performance and design, but connectivity and ease of use too.

All we know at the moment is that you'll be able to control more of your home as SmartThings and Bixby move for domination within your home.

Oh, and you'll be able to set it up with your smartphone, of course. 

We'll bring you all the details of Samsung's 2018 QLED TV plans in March, so stay tuned.

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