Samsung has announced its new line-up of QLED TVs during its CES 2018 event, but the most exciting thing isn't this new range of sexy TVs, it's one clever thing that Samsung has done to make using these TVs easier.

That's right, it has streamlined the setup process.

For a number of years, we've been saying to TV manufacturers that setup is too complicated on TVs. You probably don't notice this if you only have one new TV every 5 years, but when you're reviewing TVs, it's something you notice: setup is tough.

As TVs have got more connected and you have a need to sign into more and more services, you're left thinking that there's a better way of doing things. And there is.

Samsung will now let you use an app on your phone to do some of the setup of your TV. The aim is help you avoid having to log into all those services over and over again, using a fiddly keyboard on a remote to enter your username and password.

Demonstrating the new "effortless log-in" on stage, the TV was setup via a smartphone (Android and iPhone supported), leaving the TV fully signed into Spotify. Samsung went on to confirm that Hulu and Facebook would also be supported, along with signing into your Samsung account.

With more services coming in the future, it could mean that you can do the typing on your phone, then just send that over to your TV, meaning no more setup headaches.

Of course, as your phone has all the passwords already - assuming you're signed into the video services you use - this should be a really simple thing.

But good job Samsung, we can't wait to use it for real.

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