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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is making a play to replace projectors in cinemas for good. It has installed its first, comercialised 34-foot 4K HDR LED display designed specifically for movie theatre use.

The Samsung Cinema LED screen is backlit, so does not need front projection. It can therefore offer greater brightness in cinemas so, Samsung states, better pictures. It is claimed to offer peak brightness 10 times higher than conventional cinema projection (146fL over 14fL).

High dynamic range technology will also ensure better contrast than many theatre projectors are capable.

The world's first installed version is in the Lotte Cinema World Tower movie theatre in South Korea, but there are plans to sell it to other chains worldwide. It is partnered with an audio solution by Harman Professional Solutions' Cinema Group. Samsung acquired the Harman group to expand its technology business earlier this year.

SamsungCinemas Could Replace Projectors With Massive Samsung 4k Hdr Displays image 2

Cinema LED exceeds specifications set by Digital Cinema Initiatives, a partnership of the major movie studios that ensures picture quality is regulated and matched across theatres internationally.

It was originally debuted during the CinemaCon 2017 conference in Las Vegas in March.

"As the popularity of advanced home entertainment systems and streaming platforms increases, theatres must reposition themselves as a destination for an incomparable viewing experience that consumers simply cannot encounter anywhere else," said Sang Kim, vice president of Samsung Electronics America.

Our only worry is that there is a reason for high levels of brightness in the home, we more often than not view entertainment in rooms with ambient lighting. Would the same levels in a fully-darkened cinema be comfortable? Time will tell.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 29 March 2017.