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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's 2017 line-up of TVs is on us, introducing more models that promise to offer outstanding results.

The big introduction is QLED being pushed as the flagship branding, with four models in this new top tier carrying the Q moniker. Other categories of TV will then drop into place under QLED, but for now, this the mainstay of Samsung's 2017 line-up.

There's a lot to digest and the potential for plenty of confusion, so we're breaking them down into the nitty gritty, so you know exactly what the difference is between all these models.

Samsungsamsung 4k hdr tv choices for 2017 qled q9f q8c q7c and q7f compared image 2

Samsung QLED Q9F

  • Screen sizes: 65in, 88in
  • QLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels, HDR
  • Prices: £4,899.99 (65), £17,799.99 (88)

The flagship TV for 2017 is the Q9, with the F designating that this is a flat TV. The new QLED branding is really a change of direction with positioning these TVs: in fact they use Samsung's third-generation of Quantum Dot technology, so more advanced than the KS models of 2016. It also bumps the brightness to 1500-2000 nits.

The big difference in these QLED models is better colour accuracy and higher colour volumes at higher peak brightnesses.

The Q9F has a very minimalist design, it's edge lit and framed to look more like a picture than a television, combined with a No Gap Wall Mount system that's almost flush to the wall and the Invisible Connection cable to the One Connect box.

The thing that really puts the Q9F in premier position over the other QLED models is dimming. There are 32 dimming blocks on the Q9, meaning more accurate light control, leading to deeper blacks and enhanced contrast over the other QLED models.

This TV is really about delivering that premium visual experience along with that stunning design, there's 40W speakers too.

Samsungsamsung 4k hdr tv choices for 2017 qled q9f q8c q7c and q7f compared image 3

Samsung QLED Q8C 

  • Screen sizes: 55in, 65in, 75in
  • QLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels, HDR, Curved
  • Prices: £2,999.99 (55), £3,799.99 (65), £5,799.99 (75) 

Although Samsung is pushing the flat Q9 as its "best" TV, the Q8 is just a step down and is curved. It comes in a range of sizes, dragging the price back down to the more affordable at 55-inches, although it's still expensive at £3000.

The Samsung Q8C offers 360-design that goes a long way beyond that of 2016 models, with a premium metal back, moving on from the big plastic panel of the rear, as found on the old KS9500, making the Q8 much more of a show piece. 

It also offers that Invisible Connection to the One Connect box and like the other TVs in the QLED family, there's a choice of stands, with built-in cable management.

This is an edge lit TV but drops the dimming blocks to 12, so it's not quite as well equipped as the Q9, but still offers outstanding visuals. The new ultra-low reflectance film on the 2017 QLED TVs is designed in part to enhance viewing angles and contrast over previous models. Like the flagship Q9, this TV will give you around 1500 nits brightness. 

The Q8C has 60W of sound on board in a 4.2 configuration.

Samsungsamsung 4k hdr tv choices for 2017 qled q9f q8c q7c and q7f compared image 4

Samsung QLED Q7C 

  • Screen sizes: 49in, 55in, 65in
  • QLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels, HDR, Curved
  • Prices: £2,199.99 (49), £2,499.99 (55), £3,299.99 (65) 

Taking a step down again is the Q7C. You'll have spotted that C in the name meaning that this is another curved model. It comes in a smaller size than the Q8C, bringing you down to just over £2000. 

The display technology on the Q7C is pretty much the same as the Q8C, but the design is different, slightly less premium on this model. It still gets the Invisible Connection to the One Connect box, however, so you can achieve a respectably minimal installation. 

Again this is edge lit and like the Q8C you have 12 dimming blocks, so this isn't as effective in black delivery as the flagship Q9. The audio takes a drop from the Q8C offering 40W in a 2.2 configuration. It's bright, however, at 1500 nits, perfect for HDR delivery. 

The Q7C sits alongside the Q7F, which is a flat version of the same model.

Samsungsamsung 4k hdr tv choices for 2017 qled q9f q8c q7c and q7f compared image 5

Samsung QLED Q7F 

  • Screen sizes: 49in, 55in, 65in
  • QLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels, HDR
  • Prices: £1,999.99 (49), £2,299.99 (55), £3,099.99 (65)

The Samsung Q7F is likely to be the model that sells in the greatest volume, as it's both flat and comes in a range of realistic prices and sizes. The 55-inch model at £2,300 will probably be the model that most people are after and we expect that RRP will soon shift to that £2000 sweet spot. 

The Q7F offers the same configuration as the curved model, offering a slim design with that Invisible Connection to the One Connect box. The display also has those 12 dimming blocks, so the performance should be the same as the Q7C, only flat. It also has the same 40W 2.2 channel speakers. This is also a 1500 nits TV. 

All these Samsung QLED TVs offer full smart connectivity, detecting connected devices and automatically identifying what they are, and passing the control information to the new Premium One Remote. That means you can control your Xbox One with your Samsung remote - and you don't have to do lengthy setup.

The Samsung QLED models are on pre-order, expected to be available to buy in the UK from 29 March.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 17 March 2017.