(Pocket-lint) - Samsung announced a new generation of SUHD televisions at CES 2016 at the beginning of the year and now has a full selection of TVs for you to choose from, in a wide of sizes and prices.

The top-end screens use Quantum Dot displays meaning a layer of crystals over the usual LED panel that can change the blue backlight to pure white for a full spectrum of colour options. All that means higher brightness, better colours, higher dynamic range and truer blacks. All this and it can be manufactured far cheaper than OLED.

This year the Samsung TVs leading the way are the KS9000, KS8000, KS7500 and KS7000. Here's what you need to know about each.


Samsung KS9000 9 Series Curved SUHD Quantum Dot TV

At the top of the Samsung TV range is the 9 Series, which is almost identical to the 8 Series except the 9 is curved and the 8 is flat.

The 9 Series comes in 49-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes and pack 4K UHD displays, HDR 1000 and, of course, a Quantum Dot 10-bit display. This offer 64 times the colour of LCD with 1 billion in total, SUHD remastering for upscaling, and Ultra Black Technology for clearly defined dark images plus auto dimming and an auto enhancer for depth. They also feature a moth eye to disperse reflections meaning minimal glare, for a better overall picture.

There's Samsung Smart Hub for plenty of apps, easy smartphone control and home media access, plus big screen gaming thanks to built-in PlayStation Now for PS3 games. This sits in a refresh UI that gives quicker access to content and you'll be rewarded with the likes of Ultra HD Netflix and Amazon Video.

The 9 Series has a Samsung PQI rating of 2400. This is a number made up by Samsung to give an overall image quality rating based on resolution, brightness, colour, contrast, motion, noise reduction and immersion.

Compared to previous years, these TVs are not only brighter, but more power efficient, and also have improved internal speakers, with the 9 series offering 4.1 channel speakers.

The Samsung KS9000 is available now and starts at £2,099 for the 55-inch model, £2,899 for the 65-inch model. We can't find the 49-inch model available anywhere, so the price remains a mystery.


KS8000 8 Series Flat SUHD Quantum Dot TV

Like the KS9000, the 8 Series sits at the top of Samsung's range, but offers a flat panel, rather than the curved of the 9 Series. 

However, there's a crossover in the technology offered, with a 4K UHD panel offering Samsung's HDR 1000, for some cracking visuals. It's a 10-bit panel, again offering Quantum Dot technology meaning a wider range of colours, loads of brightness and plenty of detail. Although it offers the same technologies as the KS9000, the 8000 comes with a performance rating of 2300 PQI.

The KS8000 comes in 49, 55 and 65-inch sizes, with a slick minimalist bezel and a central stand. The idea of these stands is to give a floating look to the TV, as if the panel just hangs in the air. The 8000, like the other TVs on this list offer "360" design, so they look clean and attractive from the back too. It also offers 4.1 channel audio.

Like the other TVs on the list, it comes with a refreshed UI over 2015 models, meaning easy access to Smart functions to easily access content you might want, like 4K Netflix.

The Samsung KS8000 is also out now and starts at £1,499 for the 49-inch model, £1,899 for the 55, and £2,699 for the 65, so you get a lot of TV for your money.


Samsung KS7500 Curved SUHD Quantum Dot TV 

The 7 Series, which also offers curved and flat options, comes in more sizes than the top end TVs with 65-inch, 55-inch, 49-inch and 43-inch variants.

Everything else about the televisions' specs are nearly identical with 4K UHD, HDR 1000, SUHD remastering, Ultra Black Technology and Smart Hub and the moth eye filter. However the Samsung PQI rating is 2200 for this range, which mostly comes down to a slightly different dimming system - the 8 and 9 Series offer Supreme UHD Dimming, whereas the 7 settles for UHD Dimming.

It also takes a step down in audio, offering 2.1 channel system for the internal speakers with 40W RMS compared to 60W for the 8 and 9 Series.

One thing to note on the design is that the feet are very wide on the 7 series, so you'll need a wide stand, or have to wall mount it.

The Samsung KS7500 is available now, priced at £1,399 for the 49-inch model, and £1,699 for the 55, we can't find prices for the other sizes.


Samsung KS7000 Flat 7 Series SUHD Quantum Dot TV

Offering the flat version of the 7500 is the KS7000. This flat panel 4K UHD TV is a sub-premium alternative to the KS8000, offering many of the same technologies and specs, but in a slightly lower tier package. It comes in 49, 55 and 60-inch sizes.

Importantly this is still a 4K TV and offers Samsung's HDR 1000, all the upscaling technologies and the moth eye filter, although the KS7000 carries a performance rating of 2100 PQI according to Samsung's own rating system. That's likely to be because it believes that curved is a slightly better performer, hence the higher rating on the 7500, and a minor enhancements on the 8 and 9 Series to improve performance at the top level.

However, the KS7000 offers a complete smart TV package with Samsung's latest Tizen UI for easy access no matter what your source, like 4K HDR Netflix for example, so it's skilled in all areas. 

Again, like the KS7500 the design sees the feet near the edges, so you'll need a wide stand, unless you're going to wall mount this TV.

The Samsung KS7000 can be bought now for £1,299 for the 49-inch model, £1,499 for the 55, £1,799 for the 60 inch. 

Writing by Luke Edwards and Chris Hall.