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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung may have once been an OLED television creator but it's left that in the past to focus on its own Quantum Dot, Nano-Crystal tech. Rumours were circulating that it may begin OLED production again in 2017, but that's now been shot down.

Samsung vice president Park Dong-Gun has said unequivocally, to The Korea Herald, that the company has no intention to manufacture OLED televisions.

LG is currently leading the OLED charge with its televisions that are rapidly dropping in price.

OLED is a very appealing format as it offers a wide colour gamut, fast refresh rates plus excellent brightness and blacks. The problem is they're still relatively expensive to produce so the price is still higher than the LCD alternatives out there.


Samsung has been championing its own alternative to OLED, which is more affordable to manufacture and offers nearly as good results, some would say. This uses its Quantum Dot technology for its SUHD TV range - more on that in the link below.

According to The Korea Herald, Samsung may also be introducing something new for 2017 as the vice president's "tone and manner was stronger than ever". We're taking that with a pinch of salt but would love to see something as good as OLED that was actually affordable. CES 2017 in January could be very interesting indeed.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.