(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has demoed a modular TV concept at CES in Las Vegas, that could mean the end to those annoying black bars when you watch widescreen content.

Rather than your standard television screen, the Samsung modular TV is made up of a number of screens that can be joined together to create a single bigger picture.

Where in the past that might have meant have a display full of "joints" or "join lines" the secret here is that the screens have no edges creating a near seamless experience.

To showcase the system to full effect, the company has applied the technology to a number of moving modules to show was is possible, even creating a massive 170-inch TV in the process.

It means your TV of the future could be a standard 16:9 television that changes to a 21:9 TV come movie time by simply splitting the modules in half and rotating them.

It could also mean that when not in use, your television doesn't look anything like a TV, but instead a number of smaller picture screens.

Sadly, Samsung says that the concept is just a prototype at the moment, and has no plans to release it commercially. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.