(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has unveiled plans to introduce an Ultra HD Blu-ray player to the market soon.

It mentioned the device during its IFA 2015 keynote and although price and release date are still to be revealed, it did confirm that as well as spin UHD Blu-ray discs at 4K resolutions, the player will be capable of streaming 4K video from online services, such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Instant Video.

Samsung also revealed that the 4K Blu-ray deck will have a sleek, curved design to match its curved SUHD TVs.

Speaking of which, more of those too will be heading to the market in the coming months, and are being shown at IFA too. What's more, the new sets will have HDMI 2.0a connectivity, which can receive HDR metadata from HDR-compatible sources.

The new SUHDs - which we will catch up with on the show floor over the next couple of days - will expand Samsung's curved SUHD TV line-up to 28 different models, spanning from 48- to 105-inch screen sizes.

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox also revealed that Kingsman: The Secret Service will be the studio's first Ultra HD Blu-ray release. It will come with a 4K version, conventional Blu-ray and digital HD copy although we are still awaiting how much these releases will cost.

Considering it still costs £20 or more for a 3D Blu-ray, it could be pricey to begin with.

Writing by Rik Henderson.