(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has finally launched its new Tizen-powered 4K Smart TVs in the US, meaning pricing for the 2015 SUHD sets has finally been revealed. The models will start at $949.99 (converts to £640).

The highest-end model is the JS9500. It's the 65-inch curved flagship that starts shipping this month with a $6,000 entry price. The next high-end model is the curved JS9100. It features a edge-lit backlight system, rather than the JS9500’s fancy full-array LED setup, and is only available in the 78-inch screen size. It will cost $10,000 in May.

On the "lower-end" of things, if there is such a thing when it comes to 4K televisions, you'll find the edge-lit 65-inch JS9000. It's the JS9500 but without full-array LED, motion-control features, or a built-in camera. It has a $5,000 price tag. There’s also a 48-inch version of the JS9000 for $3,500 and a 55-inch version for $4,000.

Another model worth mentioning is the flat 65-inch J8500 with a quad-core processor (instead of the eight-core CPUs). The set, which costs $4,000, has a 40W sound system, rather than 60W speakers. You can also get a 55-inch version for $3,000. Below those, you'll find the curved 55-inch JU6700 for $1,500 or 48-inch version for $1,150.

And finally, the least expensive of the all-new Samsung Smart TVs is the curved 40-inch JU6700 for $949.99. Keep in mind only some of the SUHD sets have quantum dots technology, which produces sharper colour and images, and the same goes for the ability to upscale high-definition content to 4K video.

Samsung first revealed its SUHD TV lineup at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. It is the company's branded-take on Ultra-High Definition as well as quantum dot technology. The S at the beginning represents "superior picture quality, stunning contrast, striking brightness, and spectacular colour".

That's a whole lot of Ses.

Writing by Elyse Betters.