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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has revealed its TV hand at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, with its latest SUHD tellies making their debut.

Ok, so we've heard of UHD (Ultra-High Definition, often referred to as 4K), but what the heck is SUHD? This is Samsung's branded take on quantum dot technology, the material used to make higher contrast and more colourful images from LED TVs - and for less money than previous technology. So it's more TV than for less cash than before, which can only be a good thing.

The S at the beginning represents "superior picture quality, stunning contrast, striking brightness and spectacular colour". That's a whole lot of Ses. In addition all SUHD TVs in 2015 are curved panels, with Samsung claiming that over half of all its TV sales in 2014 were curved models.

And so to the products. There are three product lines, from the top-end JS9500 with its chamfered bezel design, throgh to the JS9000 model with a soft, textured Shirring design on the back, and ending with the JS8500 models.

samsung suhd tvs 4k resolution meets quantum dot tech for affordable ultra high definition in 2015 image 2

All these 2015 TVs will be powered by the Tizen operating system, the company's chosen software in a number of its products, including its NX camera series. How that will function we're yet to see, but Samsung is keen to point out just how swift and smart its SUHD TV experience will be.

There's still no final word on pricing structure, but if quantum dot nano-crystal semiconductor tech is to be believed we should finally begin to see accessible UHD tellies enter more homes.

Whether Samsung has the smarts to beat competition from LG, with its webOS software, Panasonic, with its Firefox OS solution, or Sony's successful 4K line is yet to be seen. Let battle commence.

Writing by Mike Lowe.