Samsung has finally announced a price for its humungous 105-inch curved 4K television that premiered at CES 2014 in January. You can now pre-order the ultra high-definition set for $119,999.99.

That's right. For an amount that could otherwise be spent on a decently-sized house in the country, you could own the "made to order" UN105S9W. Apart from the curved 4K-compatible LCD screen that packs in 11 million pixels, the UHDTV features a metal frame with a wood-finish back as well as Samsung's proprietary UHD Dimming and Precision Black.

That means you should see deeper blacks and brighter whites. Other features include a quad-screen mode, 21:9 aspect ratio, and 5120 X 2160 screen resolution, UHD Upscaling, Samsung Smart TV platform with apps, and much more. Keep in mind Samsung said it would custom build each television set for customers, and that delivery should take about 12 weeks.

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Following the introduction of its 105-inch curved 4K UHDTV and 85-inch bendable 4K UHDTV in January, Samsung said the new ultra high-definition sets would be available to customers in the second half of 2014. Preordering is now expected to open this week, so get read to max out those credit cards. Or sell your house.

Pocket-lint has contacted Samsung to find out pricing and availability outside of the US. We will update this story as soon as we learn more. For comparison purposes, $120,000 converts to about £70,300.