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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has shown off a prototype Tizen TV at a Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco, showing us what could be in store for the company's range of Smart TVs in the future.

Although spokespeople at the event were keen to stress that this is merely to show what is possible, rather than guaranteed to be coming to a TV set near you, it shows that the company is exploring different options when it comes to making TV more accessible to those who watch it.

The new interface, demoed to Pocket-lint, features a design which is much more grid like and quickly responds when hovering over it with the mouse pointer via the smart wand remote control that currently ships with the television.

Like LG's WebOS TV interface, the idea here is to make accessing all your various bits of content simple, rather than having to worry about where it is coming from.

The TV also comes with a dedicated app allowing for quick searching via an onscreen keyboard on your phone, and our demo looked to be very quick and responsive.

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The TV prototype is the latest Tizen offering from Samsung and follows a strong push by the company to embrace the operating system. Earlier this year it launched the Gear smartwatches on the platform. Only this week, the company officially launched the Samsung Z smartphone, which runs Tizen.

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Samsung has said that there are no plans at the moment to release the Tizen-powered version of its flagship curved TV, but that it is keen to talk to other manufacturers to see if they would like to embrace the platform.

Writing by Stuart Miles.