Samsung's 55- and 65-inch HU8500 UHD Curved TVs are now available for purchase in the UK.

Samsung has announced that you can now buy sets from its curved HU8500 series at select UK retailers, starting 14 April. The company first unveiled the sets earlier this year at the CES 2014 trade show in Las Vegas, where it touted their "deeper sense of depth, wider viewing angles and clearer picture quality with higher contrast levels".

The 55- and 65-inch TVs feature an Auto Depth Enhancer technology, which applies contrast enhancements to different parts of the screen to give a deeper sense of depth, and they're designed with a 4.2m radius curvature, which optimises average viewing distance and offers a wider field of view.

Apart from sporting proprietary panel, processor, and backlight technologies, Samsung's new televisions provide less external light reflections compared to flat screens and four-times more detail than Full HD, all of which delivers clearer images. But that's not all: the HU8500 series converts lower resolution content and Blu-Ray discs to sharper images.

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All of these features - including Samsung's Smart Control - are super fast too, as the new Smart TV experience is powered by an upgraded processor called the Quad Core Plus. It is supposedly two times faster than a Quad Core processor.

Pricing for sets within the HU8500 series is subject to individual retailers.