Among the celebrity walk-offs and numerous UHD TVs, curved and otherwise, Samsung demonstrated a prototype 85-inch television during its CES press conference that can bend and flex at the touch of a button.

Starting as a conventional 4K flatscreen TV, the shape of the LED set turns into a curved display on command. It doesn't take long to work and is ideal to transform a viewing experience depending on what type of content you are watching.

Samsung is investing a lot into curved screens, having several others in its 2014 line-up, and claims that viewing movies, for example, is better when the distance from your eye to the panel is the same across its entire width - hence the curve. It also claims that contrast levels seem greater than with traditional flat TVs when there is curvature.

Called the Bendable TV by Samsung, the set is not the only flexible television at CES this year. LG also unveiled a smaller 77-inch bendable 4K OLED TV, of which the user can also determine the curve.

Neither TV is expected to hit the market anytime soon though. Most estimations place them as at least a year away from consumer release.