Samsung has used CES 2014 as a platform to announce its plans to increase UHD adoption and access among consumers by expanding its UHD ecosystem.

The South Korean giant has said it will be working with global partners to offer customers an "easy and convenient UHD entertainment experience".

It plans to provide a UHD streaming service in partnership with companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Comcast Xfinity TV, DirecTV and M-Go, to allow Samsung UHD TV owners to download the streaming applications easily from the Smart Hub.

To increase access and consumer adoption, Samsung has said it is working with the partners "to integrate UHD content within their respective TV applications".

In addition, Samsung has also launched a UHD Video Pack featuring pre-loaded popular movies and documentaries from companies such as 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Paramount Pictures.

The Video Pack will be available to buy and users will also be able to download additional UHD content from the Smart Hub Multimedia panel.

Samsung has said it wants to expand the partnership and offer a total of 50 UHD content items throughout 2014.