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(Pocket-lint) - Ahead of IFA 2013 Samsung has let two announcements out of the bag a little early. Sammy has been busy cramming pixels into massive displays with commercial buyers in mind.

The first is a 98-inch Ultra High Definition (UHD) large format display (LFD) – yup there's an abbreviation for that too now, supporting the rumours there are more to come at IFA 2013. This beast manages to offer near 4K quality by squeezing out four times the resolution of a Full HD display. Sammy plans to line three up for a whopping 171-inch mega-display at IFA – we'll get you a snap once we're in the door.

The second announcement comes in the form of a 31.5-inch UHD monitor. This is the largest monitor Samsung has made so it's gone all out and made sure it's super sharp with 8.3 million pixels (compared to 2.07 million in a full HD display). For the pros multiple calibration options are available including a 25-section split for colour balancing and separate software for adjustments to the one billion colours which support 99 per cent of the Adobe RGB colour space.

We asked for pricing and release date but were told they're not being announced yet. We expect, since they're aimed at commercial buyers, they won't be cheap.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 30 August 2013.