Samsung has announced, ahead of IFA, that its 55-inch curved OLED TV dubbed S9C, will go on sale from 5 September in the UK.

Both LG and Samsung are already selling their curved OLEDs in the US for $15,000 (£9,650) and $9,000 respectively. For that wallet-bleeding price you'll get colours and refresh rates like no other display. So fast in fact that it can even display two separate images, in full 1080p HD and 3D, to two different viewers at once.

This is thanks to Samsung's Multi View setting and active shutter glasses. Imagine gaming on the same TV as someone who is watching a film (both with headphones of course). It's more sociable than separate rooms at least. Just make sure your gaming couch-sharer isn't too much of a leaner.

The curved screen means that a wraparound effect is created for immersive viewing while keeping the distance between the viewer and TV the same regardless of viewing angle.

We have asked for the official UK price and await a response.