Samsung is set to hold a media event on 20 March to unveil the latest in its Smart TV line. It's not clear what will be announced exactly, but a new HD (4K perhaps?) television with Samsung's Smart Hub pre-loaded seems to make sense. 

Like its huge Galaxy S4 event, Samsung will have live performances accompanying the introduction of products by Samsung executives, according to BGR. During its last announcement, Samsung used actors to tie the Galaxy S4 back to the real world. Samsung has begun to step up its marketing presence as competition has ramped up. 

Samsung had a large presence at CES 2013, where it unveiled several 4K televisions to its line-up. The 85-inch Samsung S9 4K UHD TV won the show's design award. What could be next from the company?

We've reached out to Samsung in hope of learning more. Pocket-lint will bring you the latest announcements on 20 March.

UPDATE: The New York City event has now been held and one of the most interesting announcements was that the 85-inch 4K S9 UHD TV - previously unveiled during CES - will cost a staggering $39,999 (£26,500) and be available at the end of this month. No UK price has been revealed yet.

One other price to note is that the Evolution Kit - the add-on that will turn a 2012 Smart TV into the latest model - will cost $300 in the States. The bundle will include the company's Smart Touch remote too.