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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has detailed its line-up of 2013 Smart TVs, with every technology on offer, including LED, plasma and OLED, with ultra high-definition LED offering the highest resolution and the largest sizes.

Samsung Smart TVs in 2013 come with a range of features including Smart Hub, with gesture control, S-Recommendation to help you search and find TV content and connection to other device, such as a phone or tablet, through Samsung AllShare. 

The S9 UHD steals the show, offering sizes up to 110 inches and Ultra High-Definition resolution. The S9 can upscale HD or full HD content to UHD to ensure the best possible performance at larger screen sizes.

But the S9 also brings an impressive sound offering to the table, with three-way 2.2 channels of 120 Watt sound. There's a quad-core processor on board to make sure everything runs smoothly, with slick multitasking between apps.

the many flavours of samsung s 2013 tvs s9 uhd f9500 oled f8000 led f8500 plasma  image 2

Samsung F8000

Samsung will also be offering regular Full HD LED TVs. The flagship of the range is the Samsung F8000, again equipped with a quad-core processor so switching between apps or online services is instant.

The F8000, which is a 3D TV, will be available in 46, 55, 60, 65, and 75-inch screen sizes. The step-down Samsung F7500 will be available in 46, 55 and 60-inch sizes. 

If plasma is what tickles your televisual fancy, the Samsung has you covered here too. The Samsung F8500 is said to offer eight times the black "expression" of regular LED TVs, if it's pure picture quality you are after. 

the many flavours of samsung s 2013 tvs s9 uhd f9500 oled f8000 led f8500 plasma  image 3

Samsung F8500

The Samsung F8500 is one of the first sets to support the next-gen HEVC video codec, making this a future-proof TV.

The design is crafted from a single piece of metal, with a dark titan metal colour and ultra slim frame. The F8500 will be available in 51, 60, and 64-inch display sizes.

Finally we come to OLED. The Samsung F9500 OLED TV provides self-emitting red, green and blue sub-pixels, eliminating the need for backlighting so that images are produced with absolute blacks and pure whites claims Samsung, while also boasting that it is the first of its TVs to offer Samsung's Multi-View feature. This, working in a similar way to Sony's spilt view offering on its 3D BRAVIA sets, will allow two people to watch different full HD programming, each with independent controls and audio, using special 3D glasses, which comes with speakers built-in. Sociable.

We're still awaiting the full details on Samsung's models, including prices, release dates and product images, but we'll update as soon as the have them.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.