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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung today confirmed that it will be launching a new luxury TV in August, at the IFA press conference to be held in Berlin, 31 August to 5 September.

Michael Zoeller, European marketing director of Samsung Televisions, said that the new super-luxury set would sit above current models in Samsung's line-up, but joked "don't ask me anything about it", keeping tight lipped on any real details.

Zoeller teased the details at the IFA Global Press Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

With Samsung's current flagship set, the ES8000, packing in a huge range of feature - such as gesture and voice control, face recognition, AllShare wireless content sharing and the Smart Hub offering a huge range of services and content - we're not quite sure exactly what else their new set will include.

We are sure, however, that Samsung will stick with its existing thin and almost bezel-less design, so we can only guess that this will see the introduction of a 4K display, bumping the resolution for higher-definition visuals. Naturally, you'll be looking at a price in excess of the £2,500 Samsung is asking for the 55-inch ES8000.

At the same time, Zoeller confirmed that more details on the company's anticipated Super OLED TV, introduced at CES 2012, will be coming at IFA 2012. We should have a price then for those eyeing one up for Christmas.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.