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(Pocket-lint) - The Samsung ES8000 LED Smart TV, which will be available in screen sizes up to 75-inches, has a raft of new features that the consumer electronics manufacturer believes will revolutionise the way people interact with their televisions.

Coming with an integrated camera, not only will the set offer out-of-the-box video conferencing abilities, but is has a face recognition engine that will allow users to immediately access their own customised Smart Hub (applications, etc) without having to make any commands. Additionally, the TV has both voice and gesture control systems, which work in a similar way to the Xbox 360 Dashboard and Kinect controller.

For example, should you want to change channel, you can simply tell the TV to do so, or if you're browsing or searching for content, you can swipe your hand in the air to scroll through options.

The ES8000 also has a dual core processor, which allows the system to multitask. Viewers can potentially pause a basketball or football match and access Twitter, then go back to the content application without having to load it from scratch again.

Samsung is calling its final major new feature Smart Evolution. It essentially centres around a slot on the back of the set which allows an owner to slot a new module (containing a more powerful processor, new chipsets, etc) each and every year, thereby allowing the TV to be as up-to-date as newly launched models, and compatible with more advanced applications and the like.

The South Korean giant also claims that because "[it] makes its own components, it is the only one that can make this happen" - weighty words indeed.

The TV range will also sport the company's proprietary cloud service Allshare Play. It allows an honour of another Samsung device, such as camera or Galaxy smartphone, to upload pictures from their device automatically to the service, which will then be playable on the TV without the need to store the content locally.

Samsung is also bringing Media Hub, the movie and video service currently found on its Galaxy smartphones and tablets ranges, to the TV platform, and will allow an owner to start watching a film on one device and continue on another, including the telly.

The ultra-slim bezel from last year's 8000 model returns, but is now accompanied by a U-shaped desktop stand. Many of the new features will also be found on the E8000 series plasma TVs too.

There are no price details at present, but Pocket-lint will be going hands-on with the sets when we visit the CES trade show in Las Vegas tomorrow.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.