Samsung has unveiled what it claims to be "the world's largest commercialised OLED TV". The 55-inch Super OLED display was wheeled out during the company's CES press conference in Las Vegas, and we have to admit that it looks simply stunning.

As well as feature a single glass sheet Super OLED panel, which negates the need for a colour filter by each OLED pixel unit consisting of RGB sub-pixels and emitting its own light, the new TV will be available later in the year to buy, although when we asked a Samsung spokesperson on the price, we got a sharp intake of breath.

The TV also features the company's new Smart Interaction; a voice and gesture control, and face recognition system that is a standout addition to Samsung's 2012 TV range. Plus, it will sport a cleaner, jazzed up Smart Hub, a dual core processor for multitasking and is 3D ready.

But it is its picture quality that wowed us on our initial look. We'll get closer to the TV when CES starts for real tomorrow, but we can already guarantee that it's going to be the talk of the town.