Christmas isn't Christmas without a few very important additions. First off, Jesus is pretty much an absolute must, and second a huge amount of TV/movie consumption.

The first is easy, as you can simply nip down to your local church for a bit of Christmas worshipping - and it is free. To get the most out of Christmas TV, however, you may need to splash the cash, which is where our Credit Crunch Christmas comes in.

This Currys offer, sent to us by, is for a Samsung 51-inch Full HD 3D plasma TV and it is an absolute steal if you have a spare £600 in the bank.

Although still a wad of cash, the £599 price tag is still pretty good value as you'll be getting 600Hz frequency, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio along with 4x HDMI and a Freeview HD tuner.