Samsung has announced that its 3D video on demand service has surpassed the one million views milestone suggesting 3D is actually, well, popular. 

Since launch 100 days ago, the service has seen an average of 10,000 views per day on the companies' Smart TVs claims Samsung.

Currently the video on demand service includes 3D content like movies and documentaries, aiming to add another 70 free videos to the embedded 'explore 3D' app found on Samsung Smart TVs. Samsung has also partnered with Dreamworks to release a series of 3D trailers.

The 'Samsung apps' offering offers much more than 3D though. It includes things like BBC iPlayer and Lovefilm. 

"With more free 3D content to come, we will continue to develop our Smart TV offering to bring more excitement of 3D to the Smart TV platform ensuring more consumers access 3D content free and on-demand.’’ said Samsung's Vice President of Consumer Electronics Andy Griffiths. 

Figures show that more than 2 million Smart TVs have been sold suggesting not everyone is embracing the third dimension.  

Fan of on demand 3D? Or do you prefer 3D Blu-ray?