Samsung and manufacturing partner Silhouette have confirmed that their world's lightest 3D specs are going to be available in March.

Weighing in at just 27g, the SSG-3700CR models also offer an option for prescription lenses, as well as having a harmonious design, with no hinges or screws.

These active shutter glasses have had their individual components completely rearranged, use lighter materials and a smaller circuit board - so are up to 25 per cent lighter than previous models.

Arnold and Klaus Schmied, co-owner of Silhouette said: "For nearly five decades now, we’ve been producing rimless eyewear following the motto ‘with a pair of Silhouette, vision becomes an experience without boundaries’ through innovation and reduced, refined design.

"We applied that mantra in designing the new 3D active shutter eyewear too and are happy to see that not just vision, but also 3D television is becoming an even greater experience thanks to Silhouette."

Pocket-lint got eyes-on with the super-light specs over in Vegas at CES when they were first announced, so be sure to check out our photos of the glasses in action.

No price details yet, we'll keep you posted.