Lovefilm's relentless assault across digital platforms has increased, with the announcement by Samsung that the video rental service will be hitting its Blu-ray players, and Blu-ray home cinema systems.

Lovefilm can already be accessed on Samsung TVs with the Internet@TV function on board, and the move puts the Korean company on equal footing with Sony - who has Lovefilm present across its entire web TV range.

Andy Griffiths, VP of consumer electronics at Samsung UK said: “Adding the Lovefilm streaming service to all Samsung Blu-ray players and Blu-ray home theatre systems is great news for us at Samsung as we’re dedicated to providing our customers with relevant and exciting content, all from the comfort of their own home.”

“The Internet@TV service offers viewers a gateway to access great content in an exciting new way, unlocking the full potential of our connected devices. Services like Lovefilm will offer our customers more variety, choice and entertainment from our innovative products.”

To get streaming, you'll need the necessary hardware as well as a subscription, minimum £5.99, from the Amazon-owned movie streamers.

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