The world is to go CES mental from 5 January-on, as the massive consumer electronics show takes over Las Vegas (and Pocket-lint). And Samsung has pre-empted the mad rush for kit announcements by leaking some pics of its latest 3D Blu-ray player a week early.

Not only is it a fully-fledged disc spinner, though, it also boasts the thinnest waistline in the world, being just 23mm high, shaving a massive (in relative terms) 6mm from last year's model.

That's not to say that it skimps on features though, as it will carry the company's Internet@TV and be compatible with many of the Samsung Apps that are emerging as the connected service matures. Apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LoveFilm and more will be available at the touch of a button.

We'll all be very surprised if it doesn't feature DLNA media file streaming too.

More details to come when Pocket-lint gets a chance to go hands-on with the player at CES 2011.

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