Freesat hasn't exactly set the home cinema world alight, but has been handed a boost by Samsung who has confirmed that it will be producing Freesat enabled devices next year.

The platform is facing an uphill battle to compete with the other free-to-air services currently available and it's a fight that is only going to get more intense next year when YouView lands.

And there's also the bothersome premium platforms, that are going from strength to strength. Virgin Media's TiVo box is bound to make the cable giant a more attractive prospect for viewers, and Sky isn't sitting still either - it recently added two major new services: Anytime + and Europe's first dedicated 3D channel.

Samsung is said to be planning a "range of receivers and integrated televisions" that include CI+ (advanced common interface) to fit in with Samsung's Smart TV apps.

The Samsung Freesat products are expected to hit the shops around March-April time.