Samsung has exclusively told Pocket-lint about its plans for the forthcoming IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany from 3 September.

Usually manufacturers are tight-lipped on what might be unveiled during the convention, however, last year the Korean giant had few major announcements, especially in the field of AV and home entertainment, relying on TV and home theatre line-up previously launched at CES earlier.

It seems that, in 2010, the company will follow the same trend, preferring to concentrate on its Samsung Apps and Internet@TV offerings: "My view on IFA at the moment is that you’re probably not going to see much in the way of new hardware", Darren Petersen explained to PL. "But you will see some new applications and some new software developments within the devices".

"There will be [software] announcements from the UK. There will be announcements from other subsidiaries across Europe, and there will be global announcements. And you might see some of them working, or you might see some videos of how it will work. So, it’s going to be a major focus for IFA".

That's not to say there won't be any hardware in other divisions, but we expect that the company will stick with its current range of 3D LED, plasma and LCD TVs for now.

But then, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Customers have long complained that technologies and models are replaced too soon, making their sets old-hat shortly after they buy them. And it's not like there's been little movement in the industry recently: "This year, I think people have been a bit spoilt with all the new technologies, given that you’ve had Freeview HD, 3D and connected TV, so there’s still a lot for consumers to take on board", said Darren. "Most manufacturers are now doing one major launch in Spring, and there might be another couple of bits and pieces during the year, but more or less everything is launched at one point in the year now".

He's also keen to stress that the current swathe of TVs are more flexible than with former generations: "Once you buy a TV now, it’s evolving. It’s not going to just stay as it was, you will get new services and new applications on it".

"The kind of relationship between [you and the manufacturer] when you used to buy a television a few years ago and now is very different. It’s something that all of the manufacturers need to get used to, that once you sell [a TV] the relationship isn’t over, we have to provide and update more sophisticated services and apps as the platform grows".

And that is why the company is going to focus on software this time around.

Pocket-lint will bring you the news and views from the floor throughout IFA 2010, join us from 1 September.