Acetrax, the video-on-demand service that initially launched with Panasonic on its Viera Cast platform in July, is making its way onto Samsung's Internet@TV service.

When Pocket-lint spoke to Acetrax CMO, Leslie Golding, at the Panasonic launch, he told us that although Panasonic was key to the launch of the service they were speaking to other parties as well, with a view to expanding.

And now it seems that Samsung will be the first additional partner to come on board.

“The music industry was transformed by a service connected to a device", said Golding.

"We believe the same will happen with the movie industry and a connected TV service with no monthly subscription. Acetrax is dedicated to providing this together with Samsung, the world’s largest TV manufacturer”.

The service lets you rent or buy movies, TV shows and music concerts and store them in a virtual locker that you can access across four different platforms that you have assigned to your account.

We've checked with our Acetrax contacts and you can mix and match Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players with Panasonic machines, as well as having PCs and Macs in your four device setup. Good news if you've got a Samsung TV in the living-room, but a Panasonic one upstairs in the bedroom.

Samsung's Internet@TV service is really heating up now. Back in May Lovefilm went live on the web TV platform and there are also apps for YouTube, the BBC iPlayer, Muzu.TV, and Skype.

In the UK we still don't have as much choice as our American cousins who have several VOD suppliers available via their Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players including: Hulu, CinemaNow, Netflix, Blockbuster and Vudu.

Still, with two big VOD launches inside 3 months, Samsung is definitely attempting to grab the attention of UK internet TV fans.

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