Samsung is serious when it comes to OLED TVs. Super serious in fact. Already the largest manufacturer of LCD panels, and also the largest manufacturer and supplier of mobile OLED displays, Samsung is determined to be the market leader when it comes to large scale OLED TVs.

Reports suggest that Samsung is all systems go for a OLED TV factory in 2012. The idea is to have the production team all operating at the same place, as it did when it set up its Samsung Mobile Display division in 2009 to focus on mobile OLEDs.

If this goes ahead then it can only be good news for the stuttering OLED TV marketplace, which has struggled due to high production costs and sluggish demand.

Speaking to EE Times, Brian Berkeley, former Apple employee and now vice president of Samsung's OLED R&D, said that OLED TVs are no longer a “science fair” project and claimed that OLED TVs are definitely viable.

"We have significantly improved yields and line efficiency", he said. "Material development has been accelerated, backplane technology improved and a number of advancements made in colour patterning". Berkeley also stated that OLED 3D TV is significantly better than LCD 3D TV.

We're very excited by a future dominated by OLED TVs. Last month we told you how LG had released the first official OLED TV in the UK, the EL9500. Sure, it costs an extortionate £1700 for a mere 15 inches but it's only 3.2mm thick. If Samsung can make a success of its plans, and make OLED TVs more commercially viable, then one day, we may just look back and laugh at our fat LCD TVs in the same way we now mock old CRT TVs.

Are you looking forward to the OLED TV revolution? Or is it never going to get off the ground? Let us know what you think.