Sadly Norris McWhirter died back in 2004. If he was still alive, however, we would have been straight onto the phone to him to check if Samsung's world record breaking claims are, in fact, true. As it is, we'll just have to take Samsung's word for it, when it says that the 30 ANSI LUMEN H03 is the brightest pico projector in the world.

The H03 only weighs just over 200g and its LED lamp, we're told, will last over 30,000 hours. That's a whole lot of projection. It has PC-in via D-sub as well as AV composite-in and a USB socket. There's also an SD memory card slot and a built-in speaker.

It has full Microsoft Office support, and will also have no trouble handling the following file types: PDF, TXT, HTML, MPEGS, and JPEGS.

Graham Long, vp of Samsung’s IT business division said: “With the world’s brightest display encased in a lightweight, stylish design, we believe that the H03 is a ground breaking product that will revolutionise the Pico projector market".

The H03 is out next month.