It's autumn 2010. You've got yourself a sweet new 3DTV and so has your pal. You've both forked out quite a hefty sum for the pleasure as well. But it's all worth it, as Sky's 3D Premier League coverage is incredible. Mauro Fellaini's massive afro almost fills your living room. Your buddy invites you round to his to watch the next big match, but there's a problem... he's got a Panasonic TV and you've got a Samsung. And the glasses are not compatible.

You see, when the major manufacturers agreed on a set of standards for full HD 3D last year, they failed to agree on any regulations for the glasses that make it all possible.

Active shutter glasses work by alternately displaying different perspectives for each eye. Trouble is, in terms of Samsung and Panasonic at least, the polarising lenses are reversed. However, Home Cinema Choice magazine has found a workaround - wear the glasses upside down. Naturally, this will make you look even more stupid than you already do wearing glasses that make you look like Wesley Snipes in Blade, but it works. Go figure.

The good news is that Samsung R&D boss Simon Lee stated that the different manufacturers will be coming together to agree a set standard, hopefully in 2011. Not so good if you've already forked out, though.