Fresh from the success of its 3DTVs, which have sold out in the company's native Korea, Samsung Electronics has revealed that it is considering developing TVs that run Google's Android operating system.

Speaking to The Korea Herald, an unnamed Samsung executive stated, "we are considering Google TVs. We are examining the business feasibility of Google TVs".

Another company spokesperson hinted that if Sony is successful with its planned Android-based screens, Samsung may follow suit.

Sony is reportedly working with Google and Intel to offer Android through the brand's internet-connected sets. It's a move that will allow viewers to download apps and enjoy all manner of web content in the same way as is possible on a Google phone. And the move by Google to enter the TV marketplace is actually welcomed by Kim Kyeong-hyun, one of Samsung's vice presidents: "(Apple and Google) will help expand the TV market", he said.

Of course, Samsung's latest range of TVs, including the 3D ready UE40C7000, come with the company's own app service, Internet@TV, so it'll be interesting what the outcome of any future deal with Google (or Apple, come to think of it) may have on that.